Activities at Corona Guest Farm

Enjoy your holiday in Namibia just the way you like it. Activities at Corona Guest Farm include: Swimming,  collecting gemstones, going in search of bushmen’s paintings, taking part in farming activities, viewing and photographing game such as kudu, oryx, and the rare mountain zebra.

The lodge is set in an area of fantastic scenery and it is a pleasure to just realx and enjoy the silence. With almost no light polution one of the highlights of Corona occurs at night, contemplating high above CORONA the starlit African sky of eternal splendour.

For the more active  an absolute highlight is to climb up “Gamsberg” mountain.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails  and activities at Corona Guest Farm vary from easy walks to a whole day trip to the Gamsberg Mountain.

For further information, see the walking trail map

Sundowner to a viewpoint

We drive our guests to a beautiful viewpoint to enjoy the end of the days as the sun sets. This is the perfect time to enjoy the silence of Corona Guest farm with a chilled drink in your hand.

Corona Guest Guide

The digital guide will walk you through the hidden gems of the the farm. Wheather you are a new or returning visitor, these riddles with augmented reality content will provide you an interesting challenge. Take a look of some of the riddles  and download the app your smartphone.