Corona Guest Farm | Namibia

Corona Guest Farm is a self-sustaining Guest Farm covering an area of about 23000 hectares in central Namibia. An area of unrivalled bio-diversity where Gamsberg mountains and Central Highland eco-systems overlap. It’s also a well-known game viewing. The farm is home to a large number of free-roaming Zebra, Kudu, Oryx and Steenbok apart from all other small game.

Corona is situated roughly half-way between Windhoek and Walvis Bay on the C26 gravel road. Take an unhurried journey across the Khomas Hochland and down the escarpment for a slower but almost traffic free alternative from the busy tarred B2 road. Time permitting, many prefer this route through rolling hills and valleys, to enjoy the far-reaching open spaces of the Namib Desert before the delights of the coast.

We have not yet discovered who actually built the first Corona. Nevertheless families such as the “de Jager’s”, “Vivier’s”, “Keck’s”and “Lang’s” and since 1987 the present owner Dr Perti Wolfgang continually expanded, developed and improved the buildings and the surrounding property. Unfortunately, a tragic accident extinguished a nearly one hundred year old site. On the 4th September 1995, Corona, which had just been developed into a Guest Farm, burnt down to its foundations (unfortunately uninsured).

After a long period of uncertainty and hesitation, Dr Wolfgang Petri and his wife decided to rebuild the guest farm. After one year of intensive construction, Corona was reopened on the first of July 1997. Comfort and coziness at reasonable prices as well as an array of excellent meals and genuine hospitality awaits you here on Corona.


The Guest Farm was owned by a German Tourist by the name, Petri Wolfgang back in the 90’s until he died, and now managed by Janus that lives with his family and farm workers on the farm. We have not only been able to trace the history of Corona as far back as the turn of the last century, with two old wells, found in a riverbed as well as an old ox wagon trails passing Rooi Huis, supporting the assumption that one of the transport routes leading from the coast of the Namibian Hinterland went past Corona and Picadilly before “winding” up the Gamsberg pass.

The Area
Corona Guest Farm is not only a jewel of the Gamsberg, but a soul feeding place. Corona Guest Farm is an ideal first night stopover for individual travelers, families and self-drivers on a trip from Windhoek to Sossusvlei or Walvis Bay. This is a fairly traditional Namibian guest farm, set in the center of a plateau and surrounded by scenic mountains. Hikers of all standards should consider staying for a couple of nights as the guest farm is the perfect base to climb the Gamsberg Mountain.

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“Fantastic place in a very remote and isolated environment. Ideal for relaxing after a hectic vacation.”
– a guest from Sweden
“Stunning guest farm in the middle of nowhere. Fantastic owner and staff, wonderful food, incredible scenery”
– a guest from Austria